The Delaro Group

The Delaro Group of companies consists of Delaro Invest GmbH, a capital investment company, Delaro Invest GmbH, and various companies in which Delaro GmbH or Delaro Invest GmbH hold equity positions.
The Delaro Group’s interests lie in creating or commercializing new technologies.
Founders today face significant challenges in planning, staffing, launching and financing new ventures. The Delaro Partners understand the gap that exists between great ideas and successful companies with sustainable growth.
As co-entrepreneurs in the companies that the Delaro Group invests in, the Delaro Partners actively and directly contribute their expertise and experience to help build leading edge technology companies. This very personal participation and the capital that the Delaro Group injects ensure that all the necessary ingredients for developing and improving businesses are available: money, technology, & skilled people.

The individual members of the Delaro Group have all created highly valuable successes in the past and have the networks and trust to leverage companies in today’s super-connected world.